Friday, April 15, 2011

Visual Rhetoric Pertaining to Cyber Safety

I was scrolling through articles about cyber safety and I came across one with a picture that illustrated what most people may assume why we need digital safety down to a 't'. The article/ photo is located on the Teacher's Hub website. It's target audience are students, educators, and parents. The picture has a little girl with a shocked look on her face as she's gazing at a laptop screen. The article focuses on the need to make online usage for teens safe. This article and photo appeals to parents and educators. It can evoke fear and worry in parents for their child's safety. This type of ethos is used to emphasize action to be taken by parents and care givers to children.

A big safety issue isn't about using a computer but the use of online resources or social websites such as Facebook and MySpace. Internet predators are a huge and disturbing issue for parents. The photo and article emphasizes the need to educate online safety to students. A teen can think "oh this is just for fun" when talking to someone they don't know but it could end in a tragedy. This is a parents number one fear, kidnapping or death of their child.

The photo doesn't change my perception of safety on the internet. It just makes my choice more clear to others. Most parents where I live, Bryan/College Station are agree that cyber safety is an issue and should be implemented in schools and day cares with internet access. For more information about cyber safety go to:


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