Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do Not Track Devices

I was scrolling through different news articles dealing with new legislative laws and a particular story pertaining to privacy and safety on the internet emerged.

Senators John Kerry and John McCain are opting for a "Bill of Rights" for the internet. They are voting for internet users, internet businesses, etc, to increase their safety regulations by mandating a "Do Not Track" device. The big machines of the internet: eBay, Microsoft, Intel, and Firefox have already agreed and installed these devices for their customers. The senators, internet corporations, and users a like have all agreed it should be implimented for every user and business to install this device.

I am an internet user that believes this should be implimented. I do not like the idea that department stores, online stores, etc, ask me for information they do not need. I know it's for advertisement purposes and collected data for research purposes but there should be a line drawn. Businesses collect your debit card and credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc. This isn't information I want others to know. They can also ask for your drivers license numbers for checks. All of this information adds up into their internet databases. In this day and age, it could be easily stolen by hackers.

All in all, I think this new law should be enacted and under strict rule. I would not want my personal information out for all to know.

For reference of this new bill: Internet Privacy Bill by Washington Post



  1. IPhone? ITracker? It is really similar with my final project. I agree that many companies get information from tracking our devices, such as cell phone, PDA, and etc. However, from this information, they can assume the user’s sensitive information, such as health, gender, or etc. It is obviously violating privacy, and it needs to fix as soon as possible.

  2. I don't know... i usually don't worry about companies getting my personal or behavioral information online. If it helps them help me then I'm pretty much ok with it. I don't see why a company doesn't have the right to monitor my access to their website.

  3. I am not sure if I ever want to give anyone my drivers license number for my checks anymore. Just thinking that all this information we provide to businesses can be hacked and stolen is quite frightening. I agree with you, companies need to accept this and be strict about it. It seems like now people are getting their identities stolen much more than before.