Thursday, February 3, 2011

Identity, Privacy, & Safety Within the Cyber World

Everyone has that one friend that posts their entire life on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or another conversational site.  They inform you about their day, where they are, who infatuates them this week, and who is currently on their hate list.  I wonder if these people ever watch the news about cyber predators...

My decision was quick when looking at the topics of which to chose.  Identity, Privacy, and Safety within the cyber world is something most of the population dismisses. Of course, you hear every now and then two strangers meet up from chatting online and the end result is a criminal case of assualt or some other offense. But does the population really understand that anything posted on the internet can be seen by ALL even if they click 'private' or 'only visible to me'? I'm sure most of you (who own a television) have read or listened to the story of The Craigslist Killer. Anything you post you should expect the general public, future employers, Forbes 500 Companies, predators, and your parents will be subject to viewing. This new option (tag where you are) for mobile Facebook users can be easily used to track your comings and goings into patterns, making it easier for predators to find you. So please, think before you post.


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