Thursday, February 24, 2011

Identity & Privacy of A Teacher

A few years ago an elementary school teacher from Fort Bend independent school district was selected to be one of the twenty five young women featured on the show The Bachelor. She signed a confidentiality agreement with ABC, meaning she could not release any information about what was going on during the tapings as well as letting outside sources know what she was participating in. She took a leave of absense for 22 days, 10 of which are paid. She signed off for a leave of absence due to a 'personal issue' with her residing principal and went to persue love on the show. The principal aquired an exceptional alternate to continue teaching the the teacher's 4th grade class. When parents found out about her 'intended' reason for absence all hell broke loose with accusations and biased opinions. One parent stated she was appalled by the teacher's actions because the program "does not promote family values, moral values, or appreciate the 'normal' dating process." She went on to complain that the teacher's absence disruppted her child's learning abilities and negatively affected his scores on the TAKS test. The teacher and principal were later asked to resign.

Does anyone else feel these parents in total outrage are outdated to the extent that a beloved teacher and principal were fired over the subject? If one is bound by a contract, one must abide by that contract, yes? When is a one's personal life ever going to be separate from their professional career? Will the general public allow those with a career to have a private life without ridicule or will all of us have choose a job over love? From another stand point, why is it that only ONE teacher can educate a certain student? If so, then that student will untimately fail. One must be able to adapt.

I feel that parents who held objection to the teacher's actions do not demonstrate any type of logos, pathos, or ethos. They do not separate the identity of the teacher without her appearance on The Bachelor, and they will not allow her or any other to maintain a private life.

Teacher Featured On The Bachelor Fired

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  1. She has a right to her own life and if she wants to be on the show, she can. Just because she is a teacher does not mean she cannot let loose sometimes or do something interesting in her life! How would they like it if we said they could no longer have sex becaue they have children....jessh! Some people just feel like they must rule the world!